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Foundation Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horses,  Sandy Sun Sally

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Sandy Sun Sally, Foundation Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horses


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Research into the pedigrees of Registered Tennessee Walking Horses indicates that a mare named Sandy Sun's Sally (#471671) is one of the first registered Tennessee Walking Horses to carry and pass on the tobiano gene to registered Tennessee Walking Horses offspring. Sandy Sun's Sally's pedigree traces to the very foundation of the registry.

There were others. Dotie X- 5, and Joy Walker by Joe Allen were also early tobianos. These foundation horses passed the tobiano gene on to many but not all of the tobiano horses we see in the registry today.

Inheritance of the tobiano gene was not always well understood. It is now known to be a case of simple Mendelian dominance controlled by one pair of alleles. This means the tobiano pattern, unlike sabino and overo, cannot skip a generation and that a tobiano horse must have at least one tobiano parent. Before this fact was known, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association allowed tobiano horses without one tobiano parent to be registered. This brings into question the true parentage of these horses. These so called "grandfathered" horses and their offspring are not from 100 % registered Tennessee Walking Horse stock. " In 1989, the requirement of blood typing was adopted by TWHBEA to maintain the integrity of the breed. The "grandfathered" horses and their off spring, having been previously registered, remain on the books. Individuals who want to own a registered tobiano Walking Horse can only be assured that the horse is 100% Tennessee Walking Horse if the horse's pedigree traces to the foundation of the breed.

Pedigrees of the Foundation Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horses


Photo courtesy of:
 TWHBEA & Voice Magazine

Sandy Sun's Sally 
"sSs" Pedigree

Sandy Sun's Sally -  TWHBEA #471671
DOB:05-08-1941 - Black Tobiano Mare

Owner: Tobie Green
Bred By: M.M. Overstreet, Mt Pleasant, TN.



Photo courtesy of:
 TWHBEA & Voice Magazine

Dusty Sally

TWHBEA #622635
DOB: 05-12-1959 - Bay White Tobiano Mare 
Mixed Mane

Bred By: Tobie Green
Photo* Owner: Ronald Green Jr

Photo courtesy of:
 TWHBEA & Voice Magazine

White Sally 
TWHBEA #601371
DOB:1953 Sorrel Tobiano Mare

OWNER: Holt Gentry

Black Sally H.  TWHBEA #622330 DOB:1956

Although there are no photos of Black Sally H., the original application for registration indicated that she was a spotted mare.

"Joe Brundage, who once owned this horse, is reported to have said that she was a spotted mare." 

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